Egidio and Mario Fiandino are a story whose roots are traditions and rhythms of life which, in their turn, once rested in the peaks of the Stura Valley and now, in the pastures around Villafalletto. Every one of their choices is the result of values learned from a solid family history and passed on to every single dairy worker. It is no coincidence that one falls in love with Fattorie Fiandino and the tales of the individual products that Egidio and Mario are able to present as contemporary fairy tales. The Fiandinos believed in the family heritage of milk, to provide excellent products as cheeses of the Kinara line and the 1889 butters to the sweet and savoury art of professionals. First of all, the cheeses to which Fattorie Fiandino have dedicated a complete vegetable rennet line. With different ageing and flavours, the Tomas and the Grand Kinara not only enrich Italian tables with a healthy and genuine product, but become excellent ingredients for dishes of chefs, bakers and gelato makers who want to make their mark with unique recipes in flavour and aromatic facets. Chefs, gelato masters, but also important pastry chefs have been able to enhance not only these cheeses, but also the great 1889 butters made from rested cream, a total expression of Fiandino’s raw material, being 100% Italian milk that is a source of inspiration for unique creations. Entering the Fiandino world means embracing a point of view and a way of life, whose key points are nature in its simplicity, passion, values and family traditions as ethics.